Absolutely glorious is an exclamation of joy, enthusiasm and wonder, thats how I like to interact with the world! Hopefully this blog will be a inspiring celebration of  objects, nature, creativity, experimentation and all of life that surrounds me.

Born into a family of artists and surrounded by the quirky, the crazy and downright wonderfulness of thinking outside the box, I have so far enjoyed a life of  exploration and never a dull moment.

Part time stay at home mum,part time teacher. I have recently spread myself very thin in order to start a small business  Hola Lola. Born of a desire to find interesting and quirky fairly produced products, fed up with some of the dull and impractical fairly produced products already available, I began a search for something more inspiring. The result was http://www.hola-lola.com  and my monthly market stall at The Belfast Fashion Souk. Retro Chic bags and accessories for the ethically conscious fashionista.

Recently I have been spending a lot of time setting up ‘Silver Spoon Society’ a vintage tea party catering and styling company, to find out more please visit  www.facebook.com/pages/Silver-Spoon-Society and http://www.silverspoonsociety.co.uk

Hope you enjoy the blog!

Jenny x