I know last Saturday was reportedly  the hottest October day since records began but that was somewhere millions of miles away in the South of England whilst here in Belfast the skies opened and relentlessly poured all day.

It seemed obvious to me that it was shopping weather but since I am now a stay at home mum, going into town was not such an inviting offer, instead I decided to hit the charity shops….

I did go at it a little too hard, covering 16 charity shops in four hours, not such a relaxing Saturday afternoon. It’s just once you get started on charity shops it becomes a bit addictive, you go to the first few and maybe find a gem and then you continue seeking on, intent on finding more hidden treasures and none appear. I am surprised though at the price increase in charity shops, they are definitely getting more savvy at extracting money from us (which is their good and honourable purpose), a couple of years ago it was possibly easier to come across incredible vintage crockery, now you have to search all the harder and longer….