This afternoon I hosted an afternoon tea party for my sister in law’s baby shower.

It was a very civilised affair with lots of mummies and no children, don’t get me wrong, I love to party with children but I was astounded at how much easier it was to clean up after the mums! no spilled juice or cup cakes mushed into the ground, well done ladies!


I have to admit, I did rather enjoy arranging the cake stands and pouring tea for people. Afternoon tea parties are really just a grown up version of how I used to spend my Sunday afternoons when I was a child. I’d spend hours arranging my dollies around in a circle and then I would give out hand made invitations to my family. My mum and dad would inevitably be slumbering in front of the fire and my brothers raking through a box of Lego whilst I  annoyingly pulled persistently at their sleeves, begging them to attend my tea party. My mum still has pangs of guilt about not being more supportive of my tea parties! but then they were a little too frequent and the assembled guests maybe weren’t the most lively!

Anyway, at least this afternoon I got to dust off my vintage tea sets, arrange the cup cakes and serve the guests who this time all seemed to arrive willingly and without the need for persuasion! and don’t worry, I left my dollies in the attic! 

Sadly I took very few photos of the event as I spent most of the time making pots of tea but here are some at least…