‘Sit still….don’t move’, this familiar phrase may well bring back childhood memories of long days in over heated over crowded classrooms or of being taken to visit elderly relatives but for me, the sentence brings back an all together different memory. I was reminded of this last weekend whilst lounging about in front of a campfire when my mum said “sit still, don’t move, put your arm back the way it was a minute ago”.

My mum, Pen Jones is a compulsive sketcher, always has been, always will be. Always armed with a sketchbook and a 2B pencil wherever she goes she captures the wonder and joy of life happening around.


Growing up, her mum sketched her and I would not be surprised if the wonderful habit went back yet another generation for I know my great grandmother was a talented painter so I imagine she sketched too. I would like to say that I have continued the tradition into a fourth generation but I have to admit drawing is not one of my great loves which is probably why my children really do appreciate it when they get sketched by their granny.


When I was a child I distinctly remember feeling a bit put out when in the middle of a game or climbing in a tree my mum would ask me just to pause for a minute whilst she finished her drawing of me.

Now looking at the beautiful collection of hundreds of drawings that Pen has amassed over the years, I can understand and enjoy the way in which she has captured the subtle moments of life. A drawing has the potential to retain atmosphere, movement and depth which it is often very difficult to capture in the instantaneous click of a camera.