I know the weather can be rather unpredictable in this fine green country of ours.

This is why if you are planning to head out for a picnic, you need to have a little trick up your sleeve to make your companions happy when the sun disappears behind a large grey cloud and the wind starts to get icy!

Home made pancakes on the beach may sound like an awful lot of fuss but I promise you, it could not be easier or more crowd pleasing. 

You don’t really even need to light a fire, I cooked pancakes today at Helen’s bay on a camping stove, it made the picnic a bit of an event and warmed up the little people (who had already managed to get through two sets of clothes after only twenty minutes!)

All you need to prepare in advance is a plastic tub with about 150g of self raising or soda flour (it does not need to be weighed, a rough guess is fine!), you can fire in a spoonful of sugar and a bit of salt at this point, into that you pop an egg still in its shell, the egg will nestle in it’s soft bed of flour until you get to the beach. You also need to bring matches, a frying pan,butter milk (better) or milk (will do), spoon, spatula,and a little butter for frying.

If you are cooking your pancakes on a fire, you do need to let the embers die down a bit so the fire is not too hot, this is a good time to get a brew going. Next you break the egg and add the butter milk (about 150ml) remember, you are making Irish pancakes and not French Crepes so your batter should be quite thick. You need to stir it for a good wee while to get rid of lumps of flour. 




Once your fire is at the right stage you can start to cook, melt a little butter, pour in the batter, wait for it to bubble, flip it over (am I teaching my granny to suck eggs?) I like to add a few slices of cheese before flipping. Melted crispy cheesy pancakes are a bit hit with my kids although they are not so fantastic for the waistline!