Last week my little brother married a beautiful German girl, they had thier wedding in our parents garden and despite the heavy  rain it truly was an absolutely glorious event. 

It was definitely a DIY all hands on deck affair, members of the family and friends from far and near contributed whatever skills or time they could give in the lead up to the big day. 

My father built a photo booth,guests would get inside, pull the cutain across and taking a seat, they had the opportunity to check their appearance in a mirror before pulling a handle, then a little circular window opened and a photographer was positioned inside ready to snap the moment. Since it was such a fun experience the photos taken were generally very flattering, it’s amazing how much better you look when you truly are enjoying yourself! 

The groom built a bar and a fire pit with seating area all from reclaimed timber, brewing his own beer in advance of the wedding. Dry stone walls were rebuilt, flower beds moved and replanted, ground leveled…having a wedding in your home is not as simple as it may first appear!

My contribution was to pick the flowers and arrange them for the church, bridal bouquet and reception. A talented horticulturist friend did the difficult part of growing the flowers so all I had to do was search around my parents wonderful home finding old bottles, tea pots and jugs to place the flowers in. I did very much enjoy the task, the flowers were stunning in themselves and I sought only to retain their beauty and enable the wedding guests to also enjoy that beauty.

The marquee was simple but brought to life using home made bunting, fairy lights and by the gorgeous place setting which were made by a couple of friends, it must have taken them hours as each guest had a hand printed russian doll with their name typed out on an old typewriter (I noticed most guest took their place setting home afterwards)