If you find yourself in Central London this summer with tired feet, a parched throat and low blood sugar ( ce n’est pas possible!), look no further than BB Bakery tucked in around the back (and less crowded) side of County Hall.

Tipped off recently by a fellow lover of all things Parisienne, I followed the waft of freshly baked cup-cakes and found myself in this exquisite and elegantly decorated bakery/cafe in search of beauty of the sugary kind.

Tea is served in mis-matched vintage crockery, surrounded by fabulous displays of old teapots, sixties french prints and towering ‘flower’ arrangements embellished with meringues and other eatables.

The cafe has set out to make a celebration and exhibition of afternoon tea, using stunning antique dressers dripping with colour and pattern, elegant classical furniture displaying glass cake stands and pastel cup cakes forever captured in tall domed bell jars. In some ways it feels like a museum where the admiration of the contents is as much a part of the experience as the consuming.

The only challenging aspect of the visit was making the difficult choice  of which sweet delicacy of a sculptural patisserie I was going to snaffle first. The cake menu is fairly pricey, but not unreasonable considering the effort that goes into their creation. You are after all also paying for the opportunity to hang out in the sublime surroundings and not just for the consumables. In the end I went for a small precarious stack of tiny chocolate pies sandwiched with flavoured cream icing  with a raspberry balanced on the top, possibly a version of  the new kid on the block,Whoppie pies. 

BB bakery also do courses mid week for budding bun makers, sounds like a fun treat. Sadly my visit was fleeting but very satisfactory all the same.