As I sit here typing, the aftermath of an absolutely glorious day fills every available space in my home. There is all the time in the world to clear it up, besides, the enormous job of marquee drying limits movement both inside and out. Northern Ireland is some country,we must have a very special weather system, how can the sun be splitting the skies for days giving way to pissing rain on the day of our long awaited street party and then, when I open my bleary eyes this morning, isn’t the sun out there, having a laugh at me once again!

It’s a good job that we Northern Irish folk are of strong constitution, we wouldn’t let a bit of rain put us off, especially not  if there’s cake and tea in the offing! There’s nothing like a bit (large amount) of rain to bring the community together, get kids outdoors splashing in puddles, racing up and down on their bikes. The warm damp smell of the marquee, rain pattering on the roof, people crammed in together on every available chair,uproarious laughter, healthy competition,Neighbours drinking tea together, sharing umbrellas, trying to knock each other over the head with a giant inflatable baton (Gladiators tournament!) instead of arguing over hedges and the like! 

So we may not have had the sunshine but we had the rainbow cake, isn’t she magnificent, maybe not as flavoursome as some of the other offerings but you couldn’t fault her for drama, a towering, tasty symbol of our little community and a promise of more great times of togetherness to come!